User Generated Copyright Issue For Websites

by SoCalInternetLawyer on May 27, 2013

By Richard Chapo – The meshing of copyright laws with the Internet has historically been a difficult one. While legislation and court rulings have helped clear up many issues, there are still practical problems popping up. One issue becoming more prevalent is the protection of user generated content on a website from a copyright […]


IP in websites

by evolvedlegal on March 20, 2013

Intellectual property is the collective term for the way in which ideas are expressed. These ideas are protected from being copied by way of intellectual property by falling into certain categories such as copyright, trademarks, patents and design rights. There are a number of intellectual property rights identifiable on websites. For example, any logos are […]


Tulisa sues over copyright disputes

by Redmans on February 14, 2013

CMU reports that Tulisa is suing over a song that she says that she contributed to but has not been credited for. The song in question – a duet between and Britney Spears called “Scream & Shout” – is thought to be included on’s forthcoming solo album, “#willpower”., Jean Baptiste and […]

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What forms of intellectual property are there?

by Redmans on October 15, 2012

This post addresses the basics of the law of intellectual property by outlining what forms of intellectual property exist under the law of England and Wales, how they’re defined, and what they’re useful for. This is only, as above, a basic guide and we recommend talking to an intellectual property solicitor, particularly if your intellectual […]