Media Law

Royalties In Live Media Streams

by zchod on September 20, 2013

The new wave of media has paved the way for more on-demand entertainment. Live streams of shows, new music, and other publications have become a model for quick press and increased reach. While there are many things that artists and developers have to gain from streaming their content on the internet, sometimes there are legal […]


Credit to Glen Gilmore (@SocialMediaLaw1) for bringing this story to my attention. Last month Twitter released the data from its semi-annual transparency report. The report details such things as account holder information requests from the government, the number of content removal requests and copyright takedown notices. Importantly all three categories were significantly up in the […]


Copyright Hub Pilot Introduced in the UK

by Tom Cox on August 8, 2013

Ask yourself this question: if you find a photograph on the internet and want to reproduce it in your own creation what would you be required to do by law? It doesn’t have to be a photograph but any creative medium: a video, a piece of music or an excerpt text. A starting point would […]


The rules of parody: a lesson from America

by Tom Cox on June 7, 2013

As it currently stands UK copyright law does not allow a specific exception for parody use. This means that someone desiring to make a parody will have to ask for the copyright holder’s permission or attempt to procure a licence from that holder. The grant of a licence is at the complete discretion of the […]