Students take Facebook to court

by Leannereflect on December 20, 2012

A group of students are taking Facebook to court due to alleged violations of European data protection laws.  Apparently users are not happy with the changes made to the privacy policy, this is following an audit from the Irish Data protection Commissioner.

The case is said to possibly go to the European Court of Justice, but the Irish law states that the students will be taking the IDPC to court and not Facebook, but they still believe that it is a fight the social network, as the outcome will affect how they use data.

A date has not yet been set but the IDPC are waiting to hear from the group Europe V Facebook but when they do proceedings will commence. The group has been trying to get better data protection on Facebook for over a year now and have filed many complaints to the Irish Data Protection Commissioner.

These complaints prompted an audit, which made Facebook reveal more user data and deactivate its facial recognition in Europe.  However, the group disagree that these changes are implementing the right changes.

Facebook have opened a user vote on the privacy changes, but it may be the last vote they allow, as they want to get rid of the system.  For changes to take place 300million votes are needed but so far they only have 35,000.

Leanne is the author of this blog, a digital marketer researching data protection lawyers.

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