Upcoming Legal Summits 2018 – Monetization of IP, Cyber Security, Litigation Abuse & More

by Leyana Daccache on January 2, 2018


Brief Overview of Puravive

Puravive, a wellness brand known for its natural products, has recently found itself in the midst of controversy. To provide a fair assessment, it’s essential to understand the brand’s background, its mission, and the products it offers more information https://www.timesofisrael.com/.

Emergence of Scam Allegations
Allegations of a Puravive scam have surfaced, leaving consumers puzzled and skeptical. This article aims to navigate through the information available and present an unbiased view of the situation.

Unveiling the Puravive Product
Product Claims and Promises
Puravive’s products boast various health benefits, from increased energy levels to enhanced mental clarity. We’ll delve into the specifics of these claims and evaluate their legitimacy.

Ingredients and Their Purported Benefits
A crucial aspect of any wellness product is its ingredients. We’ll analyze the components of Puravive’s products, exploring their purported benefits and effectiveness.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials
What are customers saying about Puravive? We’ll examine both positive and negative reviews to provide a holistic view of the consumer experience.

Investigating Scam Claims
Online Complaints and Negative Reviews
The internet is flooded with complaints about Puravive. We’ll sift through the negativity, considering both genuine concerns and potential misinformation.

Third-Party Testing and Validation
To address concerns about product efficacy, we’ll explore whether Puravive undergoes third-party testing and validation.

In a volatile environment, where the dynamics of law governs the outcome of judicial decisions, corporate legal executives must continuously remain proactively compliant and vigilant in all areas of legal management and regulatory revisions. In such a sphere, complacency results in high cost incurrence, corporate framework collapse and irreparable disrepute.

The Chief Litigation Officer Summit provides a revolutionary platform for senior in-house litigators to strategize on the litigation process, as they endeavor to provide augmented corporate defense and representation.

With the ever changing issues and regulations surrounding IP and Patents, managing the increasing complexities within IP Litigation and keeping within budget, along with successfully controlling brand crises, emerging triumphant from patent prosecution, keeping on top of licensing activities are all pertinent to the protection of the organizations IP and keeping your corporation out of the headlines.

The IP Law Summit discusses key strategies for managing your IP issues, forges new relationships and generates new business opportunities with a distinguished group of IP Counsels from a cross-section of Corporate America.

The most recent IP Law and Chief Litigation Officer Summits took place in Florida in September 2017 continuing a tradition of providing an intimate environment for legal executives and selected service providers to engage in a meaningful way.

Keynote speakers will discuss the monetization of IP, Cyber Security and Privacy, Ethics and Litigation Abuse and International IP at the upcoming IP Law Summit in March 2018. At the Chief Litigation Officer Summit, they will share insights on litigation management, labor and employment; recent developments and emerging trends, litigation prevention; assessing risk management strategies and the new administration’s impact on corporate legal departments.

As this is a co-located event, all attendees will have the opportunity to network and mingle between themselves maximising their time onsite.

The Vice President, Assistant General Counsel from Orthofix International N.V: “Provides companies with lots of opportunities and options to serve their legal needs. Loved the diversity of qualifications and background of outside counsel.”

The Associate General Counsel Products and IP Law from Informatica LLC comments: “The summit is an excellent networking opportunity and educational opportunity. I really appreciated the opportunity to exchange ideas with top in-house counsels.”

More information about the Chief Litigation Summit 2018 here.

More information about the IP Law Summit 2018 here.

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