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Beyoncé and Jay-Z have recently tried to trademark their daughter, Blue Ivy’s name, however it appears a wedding planner is already using the name and has been trading under the name since 2009. Even though someone else is using the name, the couple is still going ahead with trademarking the name.  They wish to use […]


What is a trademark?

by Redmans on November 1, 2012

Trademarks are a form of intellectual property, a branding of ownership on a particular sign that represents a business’ goods or services. Trademarks are quite simple to create, register and protect. However, the definition and nature of trademarks are often a source of mystery to the individual layman. This post will therefore attempt to sweep […]


What forms of intellectual property are there?

by Redmans on October 15, 2012

This post addresses the basics of the law of intellectual property by outlining what forms of intellectual property exist under the law of England and Wales, how they’re defined, and what they’re useful for. This is only, as above, a basic guide and we recommend talking to an intellectual property solicitor, particularly if your intellectual […]


A new fast-track court for intellectual property disputes has been launched in the United Kingdom with a “small claims court” being opened at the Patent County Courts. This post will take a look at this change, assess the advantages and disadvantages of such a system, and see how it will aid the parties to litigation. […]


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Video sharing website YouTube recently secured a victory in a legal dispute launched against it by French TV channel TF1 over copyright infringement after several of its programs were uploaded by members. The French TV channel is demanding €140 million in compensation which is around £110 million. However, a few days ago, the judge overruling […]


Patents & Pitfalls of Tech Savvy Giants

by IP Blawg on May 22, 2012

Charles is a solicitor and works with clients on cases pertaining to industrial disease compensation. In his spare time he enjoys writing about patent disputes and infringement claims. As of October 2011, Samsung and Apple had nine patent disputes underway in courts all over the world. Among the claims by Apple is one that Samsung […]


Welcome to Intellectual Property Blawg

by WardblawG on April 24, 2011

Welcome to Intellectual Property Blawg, a legal news blog on intellectual propery law for IP lawyers, the general public and potential clients of intellectual property solicitors. A complex area of law requiring expert advice from solicitors, intellectual property law is the law governing intellectual property rights, including patents, copyright, trade marks and design rights. Together, […]