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This post will take a brief look at intellectual property provisions in compromise agreements What is a compromise agreement? Why might there be provisions relating to intellectual property in a compromise agreement? How does my employer protect their intellectual property? How do I know whether I’m entitled to use particular intellectual property after the end […]


There are nearly an infinite number of occupations that a person can have, but there’s no doubt that being a songwriter is right near the top. Songwriters have the ability to share their thoughts, feelings and words with the multitudes. In addition to the awe inspiring benefit of being recognized, payments, usually in the form […]


We’re going to take a look in this post at intellectual property – specifically when the disclosure of information relating to an employer’s intellectual property could be in breach of the (former) employee’s duty of confidentiality, potentially causing the employer loss. We’ll do so by examining the following: Who owns the intellectual property? Has a […]


Tulisa sues over copyright disputes

by Redmans on February 14, 2013

CMU reports that Tulisa is suing over a song that she says that she contributed to but has not been credited for. The song in question – a duet between and Britney Spears called “Scream & Shout” – is thought to be included on’s forthcoming solo album, “#willpower”., Jean Baptiste and […]

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Intellectual Property and Divorce

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by Scott Morgan on January 17, 2013

According to the Miriam-Webster dictionary, intellectual property is “property (as an idea, invention, or process) that derives from the work of the mind or intellect; also: an application, right, or registration relating to this.” Intellectual property division is an issue in divorce more often than one may think. Authors, professors, software engineers, artists, architects, songwriters, […]


What forms of intellectual property are there?

by Redmans on October 15, 2012

This post addresses the basics of the law of intellectual property by outlining what forms of intellectual property exist under the law of England and Wales, how they’re defined, and what they’re useful for. This is only, as above, a basic guide and we recommend talking to an intellectual property solicitor, particularly if your intellectual […]


Many people don’t realize that intellectual property is often far more valuable than actual physical property. Intellectual property is something created by a certain person that is unique and has the possibility of bringing them economic benefit. This ‘property’ doesn’t even have to be touchable; it can be something as intangible as a trade secret […]


Below is a blog post regarding intellectual property and bankruptcy under US law. Have you noticed the name CBGB on the shirts? It has originated from a renowned music place in Manhattan. The club has got closed since the year 2006. Yet, the investors bought it for the naming rights. These rights are known as […]