The Key Facts about Trademarks

by Donnareflect on July 23, 2014

It’s thought that more than half of small businesses in the UK are failing to protect their intellectual property in an adequate way. Without intellectual property such as logos and company names being registered, rival companies can easily use them to make money – and their victims may find that they have no legal comeback. […]


How can Intellectual Property be Enforced?

by Donnareflect on October 16, 2013

Once a legal right to intellectual property, either by way of copyright, trademark, registered design or patent has been granted then the owner of that property has the right to take legal action against any person who violates their rights under intellectual property law. This is known as IP Infringement and falls into the same […]


Registering Your Online Business

by Donnareflect on August 9, 2013

Registering your new business online is essential if you are to protect it and stop others from using things like your trademark. Many people have been put off by the idea of registration, assuming that the process is extremely complex and wondering if it is a necessity after all. Once you have decided to trade […]