Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill has trademarked the term ‘breastaurant’, which is the serving of hot food by curvy women. This may cause upset to competitors such as Hooters, as they cannot use the term, if they do then Bikinis can take legal action against them. ‘Breastaurant’ The restaurant owner, Doug Guller released a press […]


Google avoids legal battle

by Leannereflect on January 11, 2013

Google has avoided a legal battle with U.S. regulators, who were accusing Google of misusing patents to obstruct smartphone competitors as well as agreeing to change some of their business practices. The Federal Trade Commission voted 5-0 in advantage to Google to close the investigation into whether Google twisted its search results, but Google stated […]


Students take Facebook to court

by Leannereflect on December 20, 2012

A group of students are taking Facebook to court due to alleged violations of European data protection laws.  Apparently users are not happy with the changes made to the privacy policy, this is following an audit from the Irish Data protection Commissioner. The case is said to possibly go to the European Court of Justice, […]


Beyoncé and Jay-Z have recently tried to trademark their daughter, Blue Ivy’s name, however it appears a wedding planner is already using the name and has been trading under the name since 2009. Even though someone else is using the name, the couple is still going ahead with trademarking the name.  They wish to use […]


Apple patent iPad shape

by Leannereflect on November 14, 2012

The recent battle between Apple and Samsung with the intellectual property of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S has led to Apple claiming the rights to the iPad shape. Apple have patented the rectangle with rounded corners, this was accepted by the US patent and Trademark Office last week, this is after claims that Apple […]