Advice On How To Protect Your Intellectual Property

by LitFunder on December 11, 2013

So you have composed that perfect song, invented that must-have kitchen tool or perhaps designed a new software programme. Of course you want to profit from these creations of your mind and intellect. However, protection of your intellectual property is no easy business. Indeed, it is a minefield of complex laws and practices. In today’s […]


What is a trademark?

by Redmans on November 1, 2012

Trademarks are a form of intellectual property, a branding of ownership on a particular sign that represents a business’ goods or services. Trademarks are quite simple to create, register and protect. However, the definition and nature of trademarks are often a source of mystery to the individual layman. This post will therefore attempt to sweep […]


What forms of intellectual property are there?

by Redmans on October 15, 2012

This post addresses the basics of the law of intellectual property by outlining what forms of intellectual property exist under the law of England and Wales, how they’re defined, and what they’re useful for. This is only, as above, a basic guide and we recommend talking to an intellectual property solicitor, particularly if your intellectual […]


Many people don’t realize that intellectual property is often far more valuable than actual physical property. Intellectual property is something created by a certain person that is unique and has the possibility of bringing them economic benefit. This ‘property’ doesn’t even have to be touchable; it can be something as intangible as a trade secret […]