cyber security

Who Gave Away Your Firm’s IP Today?

by PaulSimms on January 17, 2014

It Might Have Been You Every firm, company, organisation or body owns intellectual property and proprietary information. This is the stuff hackers and cyber criminals crave as much as your bank account details and PIN numbers, yet we seem amazingly cavalier about governing what may happen to it outside of our defended network. How many […]


Does your firm need a hosted backup service?

by PaulSimms on January 14, 2014

As the majority of law firm owners and partners will be aware, a database can have a number of benefits. Not only can they help in being compliant with Lexcel or another standard but they can also ensure that no client information is lost, mislaid or added to the wrong file. In short, having a […]


Cyberstalking: Crime, or Just Being Plain Rude?

by Michelle on October 19, 2012 defines stalking as behavior that threatens or harasses another person continually, so that the victim sincerely believes the perpetrator will hurt him or her. Cyberstalking includes the element of using any type of electronic means to stalk a person. The crime differs slightly from cyberbullying, which occurs among students at a school. Cyberharassment v. […]