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In the UK, trade mark law gives protection for the use of UK trade marks. For business purposes, trade marks (known as ‘trademarks’ in the US) provide businesses or products an identity that can’t be copied or imitated by competitors.

Trade marks can exist in many forms, such as names, phrases, logos, designs, images, sounds, signatures, shapes and more, and indeed as combinations of these.

Governed by the Trade Marks Act 1994 in the UK, trade marks can be registered through the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO). If the UKPO grants the registration of the trade mark, the trade mark owner is granted various exclusive rights, particularly that of preventing the unauthorised use of the mark on identical or similar products.

For further reading, including discussion of the history behind trade marks, dating back to Roman swords, see Wikipedia here

If looking to register a trade mark or otherwise protect or enforce your IP, contact a trade mark attorney or IP lawyer. The following legal blogs (blawgs) below also provide useful information regarding trade mark (trademark) protection and enforcement globally.

Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill has trademarked the term ‘breastaurant’, which is the serving of hot food by curvy women. This may cause upset to competitors such as Hooters, as they cannot use the term, if they do then Bikinis can take legal action against them. ‘Breastaurant’ The restaurant owner, Doug Guller released a press […]


Scottish Tradition in Trade Marks

by Peter Galloway on January 12, 2013

Scotland’s strong brands spring from early international demand for this country’s premium quality products.  The need for a trade mark to identify the source and protect goodwill is multiplied when goods are shipped abroad and the consumer must rely on the middleman.  The Scottish Parliamentary Act of 1487 The Binde of Salmond, and the Measure […]

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Post-Application Amendments to Goods / Services in Thailand Trademarks Distinct from other jurisdictions, the globally recognized doctrine against enlarging the scope of protection as applicable to Trademarks is much relaxed in its restrictiveness in Thailand, particularly in practice with the local Intellectual Property register, the Department of Intellectual Property (“DIP“). While it stands true that […]


Kate Manning over at CaseCheck has published a useful case summary of the recent ECJ judgment which held that Lindt bunnies cannot be registered as a Community trademark.