The University of Amsterdam’s Institute for Information Law will be holding its third annual Summer Course on Privacy Law and Policy from July 6-10, 2015. The course will focus on privacy law and policy related to the Internet, electronic communications and online and social media. It will feature a faculty of leading experts from the […]


Hunting Prey for Profit Paul Raef gets up early each morning to hunt his prey. His tools to catch those he stalks are a fast car, a network of paid snitches and an expensive camera. He roams the canyons of Hollywood to find movie and recording stars at their most private moments. Each picture he […]

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Personal data and fraud scams

by evolvedlegal on May 4, 2012

It’s always worth remembering that personal data is a huge part of IP, just as much as copyright, passing off or trademark rights. In fact many would say that privacy rights and data protection are even more important. In the internet age, whether we realise it or remember it, a huge amount of data on […]