Beatles musical sued for copyright infringement by rival

by Redmans on July 23, 2013

It has emerged that the producers of Let It Be, the shortly-to-open West End musical which covers the musical lives of the Beatles, are being sued by a rival Beatles production.

The Let It Be musical, which is shortly to open on Broadway, is being sued by the creators of “Rain”, a Beatles tribute show that ran on Broadway for nine months in 2010 and 2011, after the Rain creators contended that they had come up with the idea of a show which recreates the band’s songs and stage appearance.

Rain’s creators claim that out of their 31-song score of Beatles hits, 28 of the same songs are also being used in Let It Be, and they are also claiming that the artwork used during the performance of many of the songs is similar or identical. They have therefore instructed solicitors to issue a claim for copyright infringement. The Rain team also are asserting that they had initially collaborated with the Let It Be producers, Jeff Parry and Annerin Productions, to produce a spin-off of Rain and that they had come to a 50-50 partnership on this in 2005. The Rain corporation lawsuit claims that it supplied Let It Be with a script, helped to rehearse cast members and oversaw the cast’s costume fitting and wigging cutting and styling. It also claims that Mr Parry subsequently emailed the Rain corporation to state that the partnership agreement was no longer valid and that the Rain creators were now entitled to just 7.125% of the revenue.

Lawyers for Let It Be struck back last week, commenting, “How do you monopolize the ability to present an impersonation of the Beatles? How many different ways can you really do it?”. There currently appears to be no comment from the producers of Rain or their legal team on the matter.

The case continues.

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