Does your firm need a hosted backup service?

by PaulSimms on January 14, 2014

As the majority of law firm owners and partners will be aware, a database can have a number of benefits. Not only can they help in being compliant with Lexcel or another standard but they can also ensure that no client information is lost, mislaid or added to the wrong file. In short, having a database or a case management system in place means the firm can be more productive and efficient, which in turn can mean cost-effective and more likely to attract new clients.

All of these factors point to the success of the firm, so it stands to reason that if the database is essential then so is any care which is taken to maintain it.

When it comes to backing up the database, there is no more important job. However, many firms find themselves wondering why backing up the system is so important, and once this is established whether they should perform the task personally or employ a hosted backup for law firms from a specialised IT consultancy like PerformIT:

The importance of backing up

The main reason for backing up any system is to protect against failure. Even private individuals keep important information on their computers or laptops and it’s likely that they would feel the loss if something were to happen. However, when the information which could potentially be lost is that of clients and cases, the loss can be catastrophic. Therefore, any protection which can be taken against loss is welcomed.

Furthermore, many fee earners tend to need their IT outside of the main office. They may need to access case files whilst in court or tribunals and for this reason many firms provide laptops which are loaded with the same database. However, laptop theft is increasingly common and this means that the database could be corrupted or taken advantage of, if not lost altogether. Having a backup of everything on a laptop after theft could be essential to minimising the loss as well as maintaining data protection.

Speaking of Data Protection, backups aren’t simply a case of common sense. The Data Protection laws which govern the UK demand that all files are backed up on a regular basis. Therefore, any firm which fails to do so is breaking the law.

Why choose a hosted service?

The above points explain why a backup is necessary, however there are also a number of reasons why a hosted exchange is necessary for a firm.

It’s no secret, especially to those who work in legal practices that the fee earners and support staff of any law firm are extremely busy. Therefore, any work which can be done off-site, such as It support for law firm will be welcomed, as it saves the time of the person in the firm who would have to add the back up to their duties.

Furthermore, there is the benefit that by employing an IT consultancy for law firms, any other problems which may be occurring could be picked up at the same time as the backup is being carried out.

Finally, there is the peace of mind in knowing that the backed up data is safe and can be accessed at any time.

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