Why Your Intellectual Property Is The Main Target Of Cyber Crime

by Ladyblogger on July 25, 2012

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People have known for years the risks of not securing their personal and financial information correctly. This type of information, when stored on computers, is often in danger of being accessed and used by hackers. This has led many people to not keep important personal information on their computers or emails, but this has not hindered hackers in their quest to steal things that are not theirs. The theft of intellectual property has quickly become one of the main targets of hackers across the world. If a hacker is able to access a person’s or corporation’s intellectual property, it can be even more damaging than if they accessed their financial information.

1. Why is Intellectual Property a Target?

The law is just catching up to online intellectual property theft, so any Florida hacker may feel safe in stealing this property from others around the country. A prolific criminal defense attorney Orlando law firm may even be able to keep them out of much trouble if they are caught. Intellectual property can include music, literature, artistic works, machines, inventions and even discoveries. There is no doubt that any of these things could easily turn a profit for a hacker who is able to steal them. Music can be stolen before it is even released, artistic works can be repainted by dishonest artists before they are even released and inventions can be stolen and patented by someone else before the original inventor has time to file for a patent. The theft of intellectual property costs businesses in the U.S. billions of dollars every year.

2. Why this is a Problem

Unfortunately, recent leaps forward in technology have made the theft of intellectual property even easier. The use of mobile devices has allowed people to take their work with them anywhere they go, but it has also unfortunately left the door ajar for potential hackers. Cloud computing has also made intellectual property theft easier than it has ever been before. A person can upload their intellectual property from anywhere and then access it from anywhere. This gives hackers far more openings in which they can access a person’s saved and confidential intellectual property.

3. Fighting Intellectual Property Theft

Unfortunately, many hackers are able to access intellectual property by tricking systems into thinking they are supposed to be there. If a person knows how to properly protect their networks, however, they will ensure that the previously mentioned Orlando criminal lawyer will not have a client on account of them. Anyone who stores intellectual property on their computers or networks should have advanced malware software tools. This will do wonders in keeping others out. Many network security systems can also track human behavior. These systems can watch out for activities that are congruent with a person trying to hack into a network. Since hackers can often manipulate their way into accessing a network through trial and error, this type of human behavior security system can be extremely useful. If all of these methods fail, it is imperative to report the intellectual property theft to a local FBI office immediately.

Intellectual property theft is a huge problem in the United States. Ideas, inventions and creations can be more valuable than actual physical assets; hackers know this and have evolved from their personal information theft practices of old. Knowing how to properly protect oneself from intellectual property theft is imperative, and if it does occur it is important for the victim to speak with an attorney and local FBI offices. If intellectual property theft is not properly handled, there is a good chance that the victim will lose out on any profit they may have garnered from the property in the future.

Molly Henshaw is a freelance writer and law student living in the DC metro area. She is also a contributing author for the Orlando law firm of Katz & Phillips. Even seemingly innocuous internet actions can sometimes be considered as an internet crime, an attorney can help you protect your rights.

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